You might be asking, why we decided to do this?

Well, we were frustrated at the polarised, unanalytical, stop watch style of broadcasting around the Repeal referendum.  The interpretation of the broadcasting rules means that two sides are being pitted against each other in debates that don’t lend themselves to thoughtful, meaningful conversations.  We want to create a platform that is respectful, honest, and curious that addresses the thoughts, concerns and questions the people who will be voting want to hear in an entertaining and informative way.

It will digest existing media, and keep people informed from a pro-choice point of view and will hopefully have positive ramifications for those who want to engage with the campaign yet do not connect or identify with current media outlets and content. We hope it will also act as a tool for mobilisation to get engaged in the campaign and drive voter turnout.

In tandem & with huge thanks to Castaway Media, in particular Andrew Mangan, we're hoping to help everyone on their journey to winning the referendum come May 2018.