EP 1: 5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Campaign. 

This week, we talk to Coalition Convener Ailbhe Smyth about where the Repeal campaign is at and run through the top five tips for staying sane during the campaign.


EP 2: Facebook, Dark Ads, and the 8th.

This week Gavin Sheridan gives us the low down on Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Kanto and what the impact will be on the referendum, Fiona de Londres breaks down the government policy paper, and we get Healy Rage.

   EP 3: Pop Your Canvassing Cherry. 

One of us has never canvassed before (ssssh, don't judge!) which made us wonder why that was and how to help her - and others - feel comfortable enough to pop their canvassing cherry. Guest: The wonderful Cara Sanquest from London ARC...


EP 4: Take Me to Church-Catholicism & Repeal. 

This week we have a theological discussion – who knew, but stick with us! – about how being a believer isn’t incompatible with voting 🗳YES. The reality is we’ve gazillions of people in our lives who hold really strong faiths and we think they’re being..



EP 5: RUpeal The 8th- The Shade edition

Some shady shit has been going down by the No campaign so we thought it was only fair to throw some shade right back. We don’t like being negative nancies, but as RuPaul says ‘Reading is Fundamental’...



This aint no echo chamber. We know that this referendum is only going to pass with the men of Ireland getting on board. For this special episode it's all about LADS LADS LADS. Joining us for lad chats are dreamboats Richie Sadlier, Blindboy and Maser...


EP 7: Influencers & Murals.

Do you even influence?  There's been a lot of conversation abounding about influencers using their platforms to talk about the referendum.  Is it their duty to speak up?  We figured we had to hear it from the horse's mouth so this week we have the king of Snapgram...

Episode 8: Mary Lou McDonald 

STOP EVERYTHING Mary Lou is in the building. This week we talk to Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald in Leinster House. Yes, they let us in. Meanwhile, back at the NO ranch, there is some seriously shady shit going on online. What's really going on with this mysterious NO strategy to fool undecided voters into clicking their ads? This is bad news, and we need to take action NOW.

EP 9: The unexpected Pro Choice position of Micheál Martin

If you're looking for us these days, you'll find us down in Buswells, chomping on a carvery and eavesdropping on the goss emanating from all the other tables as we prepare to interview some party leaders. Yep, the DSR gals have gone all establishment (LOL) and are questioning whether this is real life...


Aisling Bea is in the house! Is your head melted? Stress levels through the roof? Fumin' like a human? Grab a glass of water and wash down this chill pill. We know the FINAL STRETCH can sometimes feel like the FINAL STRESS, but we're here to tell you that calming the fuck down is the best approach right now. The amazing Aisling Bea...


This week we go straight to the top and have an in-depth chat with the leader of our country, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.  With one week to go, we're living our best Olivia Pope lives.  It's handled.The Taoiseach talked to us about his journey to a pro choice position, how he feels the vote is going to go, the importance of a high...

EP 12: The Final Countdown.

WOW.  We're here already.  It feels like the longest and shortest journey all at the same time.  For the last episode before the vote we headed in to Together For Yes HQ to talk to the absolute legends making this campaign happen. Guys it's been emosh, but we're nearly there.  We've got this.


Wow. What a weekend. The Eighth Amendment has been repealed by landslide. The Irish people spoke up emphatically for a woman’s right to choose. In this aftermath episode, we look back on a weekend and a movement that changed the world, go through the highs and lows of the campaign, talk to our friends in Donegal, and look to the future. Thank you for listening, this really is the final episode.